The obligatory page of links to websites I recommend. I take no responsibility for anything you might see once you leave this site, but hey, at least I liked 'em.

Andy's (Current) Favorite Website: homestarrunner.com

Game Company Sites

The Game Mechanics: Rich Redman, Marc Schmalz, JD Wiker, and Stan!--they're not just talented, they're good people!

Green Ronin Publishing: Chris Pramas runs a fine d20 company, I tell ya.

Malhavoc Press: Monte and Sue Cook's independent online RPG publishing house. Good stuff.

Bastion Press: My old boss Jim Butler ventures into the wild world of d20 system publishing.

Goodman Games: Publishers of one of the few independent d20 products I regularly use (Beyond Monks).

Wizards of the Coast: My employer.

Game Designer Sites

The Stannex: Home page of the friendliest guy in gaming, Stan!

Bruce Cordell: Nobody writes gruesome better than Bruce.

Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel: My better half.

Rich Redman: He could kill you six ways before you hit the ground...but he won't.

Sean Reynolds: Put on your hip boots, 'cause it's gonna get deep.

Jonathan Tweet: Gaming and philosophy, rolled into one site.

JD Wiker: Star Wars guru, painting master, and more!

James Wyatt: A guy this nice shouldn't be able to design such weird stuff.

Celebrity Game Tables

Bloodlines: Read about an evil homonym trick I played on my PCs.

Operation: Deep Freeze: Intense gaming.

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